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Metal Pet Comb


  • Controls Shedding: Easily and quickly takes care of shedding, molting and everyday grooming needs. The HairBuster is an excellent remover of any thick, matted fur as well as quick combings in thin, short fur in need of a touch up. Tines gently massage skin to evenly distribute oils through hair for a shiny coat while preventing hairball issues.
  • Gentle on Skin: Have you ever run your current brush or comb over your own arm? Some pet combs can be very sharp and prickly causing irritation to delicate bunny skin. No wonder some of our pets run at the sight of a brush! Ensure a comfortable grooming experience with the gently rounded tines of the HairBuster comb and have your pet voluntarily coming back for more.
  • Variety of Pets: The gentle nature of this comb design and its ability to work effectively on both thin and thick undercoats makes this an ideal tool for a variety of pets. No more juggling a drawer full of specialty deshedding instruments for each member of your furry household. This one comb is safe for rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs.
  • Easy to Clean: Slicker brushes can be so difficult to clean! Our pet hair comb is easy to keep in tip-top shape. Just pull visible pet hair off of the tines after grooming. For thorough cleaning, simply remove the rubber sleeve and run the comb under warm water.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with carbon steel and brass with nickel and chrome plating. The wooden handle is designed for a comfortable grip while the unique rubber sleeve ensures that the comb locks onto any loose, dead and tangled pet hair lurking in your pet’s undercoat.


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